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Subliminal Pheromones

If you’re currently using a subliminal pheromone spray I would recommend Pherazone Ultra or Max Attraction Silk before you listen or go to sleep with the Subliminal on. My hypothesis is that both of these will allow you to process the subliminal much better and give you much better results. If you haven’t already done so, check out Pherazone pheromones thread here on ThePlace. That thing is chock full of great information and I can see how it would greatly improve your life. Taking 2gs of pheromones 2-4 times a day for a massive energy boost! This thread has helped me a lot and has contributed to my current increase in motivation and energy. This shit is golden. If you’re looking to improve your sexual health specifically, try supplementing with Garlic as well. Check out my post on Audio Files that can actually turn people on. I really like Golden Ratios, it makes everything feel very pleasurable. Make sure not to sleep with it though if you want to keep the pleasurable effects going. Learn more at and

I did this because I thought that constantly playing Golden Ratios would align me with some type of universal equilibrium or something and noticed that it stopped being so pleasurable when played consistently. I really wish I had named that thread something like “Stealth Seduction and increasing the intensity of sex!” so it could have gotten a better response and more discussion going on but I was young and dumb at the time. I especially like the reports on your sessions with Garrett. Not many of us would actually dare hire a coach and that’s why we’re using pheromones and not getting real serious about them. As I told in my pheromones journal, I’m planning on hiring the guys from Charisma school when I have completed the Magnetic Gaze 1 course (which is in about 2 weeks) and seen the results they promise. They are indeed really knowledgable and gave me great pointers in my practice even though I am not a ‘customer’ yet. It’s not that expensive for human pheromones, 300 dollars a month for 2 live personal sessions and unlimited email access. But you have to commit to 6 months… I’ll probably drop the pheromone thread or rather move it to a more general life-improvement journal, as you are suggesting. The concepts and ideas regarding pheromones are nothing new though. The book starts off well, meanders for the rest of the book and some chapters didn’t work at all in the overall concept of the book – not sure what the author was thinking or attempting to present in those later chapters. To those not familiar with TWB – get the tools and exercises out of the book first. Recently my obsession with pheromones has increased as I’ve only been getting slight sensations from my Aneros after all this time. It’s been great in releasing tension from my pelvis, but as far as Orgasms go it is shitty. I’ve been using the pheromones suggestion It is becoming easier and easier for me to achieve multiple orgasms. Learn more at