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His Pheromone Attraction

His “pheromone “attraction argument is something I’ve always found suspect. It’s like people who claim to have “blockages” when developing psychic ability. There is no such thing as a blockage to using a natural sense, likewise your subconscious doesn’t just decide not to listen to messages that come in, which coincidentally only applies to the subliminal. Do people have/reinforce negative beliefs that overpower the effect of the subliminal and/or receive negative programming faster than the subliminal is able to counter it according to and

I would accept any of that as a theoretical possibility. Some people are naturally more suggestible and/or teachable than others, no question there. But this “resistance” argument is basically arguing for a constant teachability index of 0, and that is hard to accept in the numbers that claim this. There are only so many absolute losers out there with enough money to buy the product. Maintaining focus, or singleminded purpose in human pheromones, absolutely works for anything. The key is SINGLEminded, not TENminded. You have to pick and choose your battles until you reach a certain level of greatness. If you focus all of your mental energy on being more alpha, you will be able to do so. Thus far I am finding fixing oneself to be highly beneficial, if not necessary, before chasing a pheromone spray. In my case, I know exactly what my issues are and I don’t blame anyone but myself. The bottom line is like eating more than I want to drop weight, and when I would exercise on a regular basis something always happened to break my routine of doing it everyday. Once you miss that one day you wouldn’t believe how easy it is to miss 10 more in a row with real pheromones. It doesn’t matter, they are identical pheromones. It doesn’t use binaural beats or any other brain altering technology you would know from anywhere else. The specific tones cause activity and expansion in the brain….somehow. I don’t claim to know details about why it works, but my experience tells me that it does. “Subliminal” in this case only means that the tones are masked behind a water sound, so you could play it while doing something else and not notice it or bother other people around you. I like the wonky noise the audible version makes, and it seems to work better for me, but theoretically there should be no difference according to human pheromones. Happiness is a by-product of the things you create or the life you create – it’s based on a series of creations – all together – they add up to satisfaction and happiness of real pheromones. FOCUSING DAILY – CONSCIOUSLY – 15min in the morning, 15min at night – goes a long way into getting you where you want to go. It’s not rocket science! Yes, you can do it every hour as well! Do it as often as you like with real pheromones! Matching what you want against where you are in your creative process is a pheromone technique that has been used for centuries, yet, people don’t do this every day. If they miss a day, it’s over, they’re back to chasing something else. Like you said in your post above – I’ll say it’s the same for FOCUS – miss a day or so, and you can lose you way… but… Learn more at