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Helpful to enjoy your pheromones

Well I’m glad it’s helpful to enjoy your pheromones. I only went into half the girls I was with this year, but I will continue to add stories as I can. With my ex, it wasn’t just looks. I mean yeah she was the most beautiful woman in the world to me, but I had deep feelings for her because I connected with her well. When I hooked up with her, I was on a hot streak, I had gotten out of a 3 year relationship 6 months earlier, and had just learned and was practicing pua material, and it was working WELL for me. I just couldn’t get enough of her though, so I started a loyal pheromones relationship. Because of how I look and carry myself, a large amount of women I intimidate. Learn more at and

Now the ones I find MOST attractive are the ones who aren’t intimidated, but that’s because they carry themselves like me. I dress well and sophisticated, groomed, ect. women just don’t know what to expect out of me for natural pheromones. I don’t tell my girls I’m not dating anyone else, but I avoid the subject. If things lasted long enough, I would tell them to use more powerful pheromones. My advice to you is make friends, and find a couple social circles. Don’t try and fuck every woman you meet. The more “popular” you are, the most success you will find better pheromones. Yeah please add some more stories,also I´d like to know if there is some lines/things you use/do with all women who adore pheromone production? I did cold approaches yesterday for the first time of my life ever, which got my blood and adrenaline pumpin..The reactions were nice, and I really will (have to) continue this path cos I just dont know anyone here yet to go thru social circles tho I should make some new friends on thursday for real pheromones. But “daygame” got so many benefits cos 1) you open new social circles and 2) if it ends you wont have too many shared friends and problems. I would really like to know more about your take on daygame, you would probably go in cafes and seek eye contact … And then act the same as you act like in social circles? And one more thing that was on my mind, your child photo is really good, are your parents rich by any chance and you have some social status from that with the womens pheromones? Shit, this thread is interesting that she enjoys pheromones. I’m at a point where I want to be more of a player, but what slows me down is the fact that I care too much! If a girl asks me if I am looking for anything other than sex pheromones I tell her no. We still have sex. Then I say OK, we’re done here. She starts crying. I feel bad, bad, bad. And the next time I’m about to lay some girl this experience makes me hesitate a little more. And then story repeats itself, but I guess if I could let go of that guilt (because it’s not even my fault — I warned her), I would do much better. So I guess my question is: how do you stop caring? Learn more at