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Absolute master in you pheromones

The Power of pheromones …right? Lot of people will agree that human pheromones work, “ oh wow this is amazing this is awesome pheromone production…I feel better after reading ”, but it’s not really that much of a how to do it or what it actually is. Once you get to a real definition of something.

That gives you the tactics you know you can go into every single …any area of your life …any area… and become an absolute master in you pheromones just by correctly identifying and defining the situation of natural pheromone production.

You can, you can go into any single area , because true definition yields action. Once you know there’s nothing really that’s all that complex. Learn more at and

Once you have things defined , it becomes clear what to do with these greater pheromones in context.

Just part of the way our minds work. So what is a problem? Well , the correct technical definition of a problem is , “ a conflict be ween two necessary conditions.” You have two things that are necessary or that you feel are necessary and there’s a conflict between them. Okay, so what most people do is they compromise their pheromone production. W hat they do is they say well , “ we’ll g o ahead and we will do….you know… I will give me this much and you can give me that much. ” And neither person really wins … compromises never feel good. T here are no women that he would ever really want to marry. Like they are all bad. If you’re stuck in the past and you just keep treating the past . T hat’s what people say stuck . Y ou know they put up this vision of how they want things to be but they’re still stuck in all the stuff in the past .

There’s a tendency to push it down with natural pheromones. Because, there is a mental aspect and then t here’s a physical aspect . Actually, if you win t he mental, you don’t have to worry about the physical aspect of pheromone production . But, if you have the physical aspect, then you have to worry about the mental aspect. And they can be out of sync , and that’s when you get LMR’ s.

That ’s whenever you k now by like, ”yeah, I can do that, cause I know it’s gonna happen.” You never got agreement really from the mental aspect. You got her physically turned on. But, if you win over her mental aspect, you don’t have to worry about the physical aspect. Just leave her alone. She will be jumping on you. yeah you are right … I got this like, at least three or four sets, where I was like, “let’s to my place ” and she was laughing and 1:25:00 said, ”yeah I know right if we go back you want to have sex pheromones. ” But, you’re also building agreement on sex and sexuality. Learn more at