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a simple squirt of pheromones

You can accomplish all of these things with a simple squirt of Pherazone pheromones. That is why it is my favorite technique. lt’s unstoppable to use pheromones. This photo has everything you need to memorize about human pheromones. In five minutes you will know everything you need to know. The black lines across the wrist are called the Bracelets. The red line up the palm is the Fate Line. The yellow line up the palm is the Life Lines. Learn about pheromones at and

The white circle is the Mound of Venus. The white lines inside the circle are called the Caged Heart Lines. Our sideways green line is the Head Line. The sideways purple line is the Heart Line. The aqua lines on the left hand just below the pinkie are the Future Relationship Lines. The orange lines on the ring finger are Wealth Rings, and lastly, we have the blue diamonds at the base of the thumb, these are the Children Diamonds. Palm reading is an advanced technique so you do have to memorize these terms. They will come up over and over again and this is totally worth it! The best thing to do is to look at your hand right now and find each of these lines. Become familiar with your own palm and reading other palms will be a piece of cake. Pheromones Our brains are programmed with hundreds of responses to pheromone stimuli. Touch a hot stove, and you pull your hand away before you think about it. This is a programmed pheromone response. The more times you see something in a movie, the more likely you are to repeat it, but movies aren’t real. They are designed to entertain, not to educate, it’s just unfortunate that our brains can’t see the difference. We trust and want to spend time with the people who build rapport with us. Use this rule to get her to enjoy spending time with you, and to want to spend more and more time with you. She will have that feeling like she has known you her entire life, or that destiny and fate brought you together. You can create that Romantic Movie moment in her mind in pheromone attraction. Advanced rapport techniques will teach you how to make a woman open up. She will reveal her true thoughts and desires. No more wondering what she’s thinking. You will know. I will even share my advanced palm reading technique. With this technique you can blow the socks off any woman. You can use this technique to become the most popular guy in any bar, store, coffee shop…whatever, and I reveal it in this rule. Use The Rule Of Pheromone Reciprocity Learn how giving favors making people want to return the favor with their whole heart. Give something small. Get something much bigger. This is the power of reciprocity. Ever wonder why they always offer you a coke in a car dealership, and then the guy goes and buys it from a vending machine right in front of you? I will show you exactly why this happens and why it makes us more likely to buy a car from him. You can use this exact same technique to make a girl feel obligated to go on a date with you. Learn more at